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★  Legit to use anywhere

★  Can be use on the inner rim in the waterline.

★  Creamy, demi-matte pencil

★  Lays down waterproof color that lasts all day

★  In a range of never-before-seen shades.

★  It’s a liner like no other.

★  Easily and goes anywhere you want to put it

★  No mineral oil, paraffin or preservatives.

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【How To Use】

●  Start off by sharpening your pencil to a rounded point.

●  Lower waterline:

Press the pencil gently against the lower lashes, working across with short, gentle strokes until you get the intensity you want.

●  Upper waterline:

Look straight ahead and put the soft point of the pencil at the outer corner of your eye.

With pressure toward the lashes, push your eyelid up slightly as you work your way across with slightly longer, gentle strokes. Don’t look at the pencil!

After a bit of practice, you’ll be able to do this without a mirror;

The key is to let go and just feel your way across.

Stop about three-quarters of the way between the outer and inner corner.

Then start over at the inner corner, using the same technique until the two lines meet.

We created Walk of Shame, a versatile nude, as a multipurpose shade.

Wear it in the waterline for an instant eye-opening effect.

Or use it anywhere you want to brighten and highlight for an illuminated look (like the inner corner of the eye, the brow bone or the cheekbone).