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MUJI - Whitening Water Toner - 400ml

★  Good for sensitive skin

★  Hydrating

★  Very lightly scented

★  naturally moisturising ingredients.

★  No parabens, No mineral oils.

★  No fragrances, No alcohol, No dyes.

★  Allergy tested (Not apply to ALL allergy)

★  Skin whitening product

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● After facial cleansing, take an appropriate amount on hand or cotton and blend on your face thoroughly.


●  Please do not place, where extremely high or low temperature, high humidity or direct sunlight.

●  Do not apply on scars,wound or swollen areas.

●  Keep away from reach of children and do not drink it.

●  Please discontinue the product if it causes itchiness, redness, pain and other serious symptoms after using it and consult your doctor immediately