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JayJun Rose Blossom Mask 25ml 10pcs

★  One mask pack a day

★  Rose water’s excellent skin softening power

★  Soft rose fragrance

★  Helps maintain skin consistency

★  Improving skin texture

★  Soothing your skin

★  Brightens up your skin

★  Hydrogenated Lecithin keeping your skin moist

★  Soft by enhancing your skin's moisture-retention capabilities

★  Fresh texture mask make you feel relaxed and comfortable

★  Moisturizing and skin toning effect on your tired skin

★  Strengthens skin barrier with skin-friendly ingredients

★  Makes your skin smooth and by supplying nutrients to dry and rough skin

★  Soft rose fragrance

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【How To Use】


●  After cleansing

●  take the mask sheet out and apply it evenly across your face.

●  Peel mask from face after 10 to 20 minutes

●  gently pat the left over essence onto your face.