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Cow Brand Soap - Additive Free Cleansing Oil

★  Protect delicate skin gently.

★  Materials carefully selected.

★  With less irritation prescription, protect the sensitive moisture on your skin.

★  It is a less irritating prescription to your skin carefully selected ingredients, you can also use it for sensitive skin.

★  No additive easy to the skin.

★  No coloring, flavoring, preservatives such as parabens and quality stabilizers are added.

★  Protect sensitive moisture of delicate skin.

★  Plant-derived natural moisture ingredients: PCA-Na formulation (sodium porrolidon carboxylate).

★  It is one of NMF (natural moisturizing factor) which exists in the horny layer of the skin, it keeps moisture of the skin and prevents drying.

★  Besides having a high moisturizing effect, it gives the skin flexibility and elasticity.

★  Additive-free make-up oil.

★  Wet hand OK vegetable oil.

★  Quickly let it float up just by gently blushing, do not leave a make-up firmly and do not put an extra burden on your skin.

★  Vegetable oil formulation made from palm oil.

★  Do not use mineral oil.

★  You can use wet hands.

★  Rinse clean and sticky, protect moisture.


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【How To Use】

●  Apply proper amount (about 2 to 3 pushes of pump) with makeup, then rinse thoroughly.