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Bifesta Cleansing lotion eye makeop remover

★  Contains a moisturizing ingredient usually found in skin lotion that has high affinity with oily ingredients of makeup.

★  Its moisturizing and cleansing ingredients, which quickly float and envelop oil-based makeup.

★  Easily remove eye makeup without rubbing, keeping the eye area fresh and moisturized.

★  The double effects of the water-based layer, which contains skin lotion-derived cleansing ingredients.

★ The oil-based emollient layer, realizes quick floating of waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

★  Moisturizing and cleansing ingredients that are gentle on eyelashes and the eye area protect eyelashes and keep the skin moisturized.

★  Eyelash-protecting ingredients, containing Vitamin B derivative, Vitamin E derivative and adsorptive hyaluronic acid.

★  Mild-irritant formula, fragrance-free, colorant-free and preservative-free.


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【How To Use】
1~  Shake well before use. 
2~  Pour suitable amount of remover (about a 5 dollar coin's size) on cotton puff.
3~  Leave on eyelids for a few seconds until make-up is dissolved (Can be used on lips).
***Please take off contact lens before use.
***If you prefer a fresher feeling, rinse with water but no need to use facial wash products to avoid washing off the moisture retaining factor.